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Company Overview
AGVA is poised to grow as a solution provider in the information technology arena.We are committed to providing high quality technology consultants with the right expertise on short notices in all parts of the country. We have a pool of experienced consultants in all the emerging technology areas namely, WEB, Client Server, ERP, UNIX, JAVA, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, C++, VISUALBASIC, POWERBUILDER, SYBASE, INFORMIX and ORACLE. We also have Y2K experts, mainframe consultants, QA consultants and performance tuning experts. Our consultants go through constant training to be uptodate with the latest developments in the industry. We are also actively seeking service partners who need help in implementing their specialized solutions and tools. 


CEO Message
Customer satisfaction is number one priority for the corporation. AGVA consultants will make every effort to fulfill the commitments to the client. I will stand with my staff 100% to make this happen, guaranteed

Mission Statement
To be an innovative solution provider in all the emerging technologies in the information technology arena.  Build a strong consultant base with broad and in-depth knowledge on all emerging technologies in the software industry.

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